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 The innovation DIP Booster : an anti-flooding solution

 The "anti-clogging" impeller DIPcut for DIP Systeme

OmniDIP® : the web-application dedicated to the DIP Systeme®.


Inauguration Day of the DIP lift station in Figueira da Foz in Portugal

   DIP Système® by SIDE Industrie,
the future of waste water pumping :
3 questions to
Meet your new sewer solution, the Direct
In-Line Pump, or DIP System®. ( by

 Even more impressive !
DIP101 eats whole beach towel and
several rags with no flow stop !

DIP101 eats tennis shoe and several
tennis balls ...still no flow stop !

Presentation of the DIP System by
C&B Equipment. ( by
from Gravity to Pressure ...with air core.
We don't lift wastewater any more,
we just D.I.P. it !
 After eating blue jeans,  the DIP101
passes one dozen tennis balls with
no flow stop !
After eating Blue jeans the DIP101
will eat today 7 baby diapers !
With no flow stop !

DIP101 eats Blue Jeans !
Sewage network with 7 DIP systems
in Alpes Mountain Ski Resort Courchevel Valley
The intercommnual sewage network
of the Valley of the Doubs
(subtitles in English)

 The DIP System : Pump Body

The DIP System -US Office

Control Panel on the DIP System

DIP Systeme by SIDE Industrie USA


DIP System handling debris - Test in real


 PR COSTA MARFIM :Installation of
DIP SYSTEME™ station

 PR ARGANIL : Transformation of a
traditional lift station with a in-line
DIP system

PR FONTAIHAS : Transformation of a
traditional lift station with a in-line DIP system

Pont du cens  : installation of a
DIP System™







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