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Inauguration Day of the DIP lift station in Figueira da Foz in Portugal

Rehabilitation and transformation of the lift station in Figueira da Foz in Portugal with the DIP Systeme  Abramson DIP31 retro fit by Robert Brown Associates
DIPCut® is a patented impeller dedicated
to the DIP Systeme® that becomes
a "Shredder" when it changes direction of rotation.This is the ideal "Rags-Killer" !
 DIP Système® by SIDE Industrie,
the future of waste water pumping :
3 questions to
creator of the DIP Systeme
Meet your new sewer solution, the Direct
In-Line Pump, or DIP System®. ( by

 Even more impressive !
DIP101 eats whole beach towel and
several rags with no flow stop !

DIP101 eats tennis shoe and several
tennis balls ...still no flow stop !

Presentation of the DIP System by
C&B Equipment. ( by 
from Gravity to Pressure ...with air core.
We don't lift wastewater any more,
we just D.I.P. it !
 After eating blue jeans,  the DIP101
passes one dozen tennis balls with
no flow stop !
After eating Blue jeans the DIP101
will eat today 7 baby diapers !
With no flow stop !

DIP101 eats Blue Jeans !
Sewage network with 7 DIP systems
in Alpes Mountain Ski Resort Courchevel Valley
The intercommnual sewage network
of the Valley of the Doubs
(subtitles in English)

 The DIP System : Pump Body

The DIP System -US Office

Control Panel on the DIP System

DIP Systeme by SIDE Industrie USA


DIP System handling debris - Test in real


 PR COSTA MARFIM :Installation of
DIP SYSTEME™ station

 PR ARGANIL : Transformation of a
traditional lift station with a in-line
DIP system

PR FONTAIHAS : Transformation of a
traditional lift station with a in-line DIP system

Pont du cens  : installation of a
DIP System™







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