Lift stations are usually isolated , far away and often difficult to access.
   However they must assure influent transfer 24 hours a day with maximum safety and minimum maintenance .
  The DIP Systeme® (direct in-line pumping) is already providing a modern solution to these needs :
    No wet well, no smells or dangerous gases, no operational cleaning, no float switches, no clogging, protected from running dry with soft starts and stops adapting to variable flow rates.

  The Self-Monitoring OmniDIP® complements the DIP solution by  :

    Monitoring automatically the internal operational data 24 hours a day.

   - Automatic analysis of the functions and the general behavior of the pumping system.
   - Monitoring of the operating curves for each pump by the factory.
   - Archiving data of the last 3 months.
   - Optimization of all the operational parameters while running.
   - Customer maintaining and editing of own reports.

 OmniDIP® is a Self-monitoring system dedicated to the DIP Systeme®.

It automatically and continuously checks all the processes through 230 parameters per pump in order to guarantee the optimal operation of the system and avoid unnecessary intervention of a technician.
It analyzes so precisely that it allows us to forecast and pinpoint possible problems and log data that will be analyzed.
This service is also checking and updating the system and will automatically send alerts to you the customer when it is necessary for your technician to intervene on site.
This system will also automatically check for processes such as automatic clearing and cleaning , level sensor operation and operational condition of the motors.
We can also test the automatic alternating pattern and remotely make adjustments as needed.
Summary reports are sent to you the customer and, if necessary, a factory technician will contact and guide you for on site interventions. 
The  Customer Access Option gives you the possibility to display the functioning of your DIP Systeme®, and to edit summary reports over a choosen period of time.
You can then directly check on the average pumped volumes, run time and optimisation actions made by the Selfmonitoring OmniDIP® .

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