The construction :

All the hydraulic parts are normally in stainless steel AISI 304L and AISI 316L on inquiry.
Vortex impeller moved rights and the dispersal cone, allows big passage sections from 70 to 150 mm and admits an important gas / liquid mixture.
The volute is forged stainless steel, 4mm thickness.
The hydraulic/engine sealing without oil trap consists of a Sic/Sic mechanical seal and supports without damages hydraulic jolts and cavitation.

Assemblies :

Assembly can be horizontal or vertical on stainless steelskate elbow. Expulsion exit can be axis or tangential. The volute is directional, for “PM 20” from 30 to 60°, for “PM 30” , 100 possible rotation of 45°, for”PM 150 possible rotation of 30°.

The motorization :

Engines are in carcass Alpax, of normalized series, classify F, protection factor IP 67 as standard

Advantages :

PM range consists of steel volutes thickness 4mm forged and suction reins / expulsion in stainless massive reins PN16.

- No exfoliating scrub of linen table set of sealing part during prolonged stops, the spare parts cost is ten times lower than a sealing part by oil box mechanical set of table linen .

- Easy dismantling of volute by six bolts totally approachable by open end spanner.

- Engine installation, in and out, without moving legs keep original adjustment;Supports rails stay in place.

Pump PM are simple and strong construction, built with few pieces but accept  extreme functioning conditions, while presenting low cost maintenance.


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