AQUAMETER for DIP System ® : Electromagnetic measure of FLOW, SPEED*, CONDUCTIVITY* without straight length


The AQUAMETER is a compact Sensor/Converter device of electromagnetic measure designed to complete an installation of  In-line lift pumping DIP system and measure the instant flow and pumped volume.
Designed for conductive wastewater, it consists of  a flanged-spoolthat we insert directly on the DIP pump outlet, between the check valve and the shut-off valve, with no inlet-oulet straight length and guarantee reliable measurement (inaccuracy maximum of 1%), even for a 10% aerated effluent.

Measuring principle

This unique design, consisting of a rectangular cross section, optimized stainless steel electrodes and a homogeneous magnetic field, forms the basis for a flow-optimizing pipe cross section, and thereby provides reliable measurements that are largely independent of the flow profile. A strong and homogeneous magnetic field is generated by a current, flowing through a pair of field coils.
The lining of the measuring tube is made of Rilsan® and is resistant to corrosion, aging and abrasion.
The performances applied to the direct in-line pumping DIP sustem allows a simplified installation while keeping very accurate measurement results, even when used in wastewater and solids-laden wastewater
The signal voltage U is picked off by electrodes and is proportional to the mean flow velocity v and thus the flow rate q. The signal voltage is quite small (typically 1 mV at v = 3 m/s / 10 ft/s and field coil power of 1 W). Finally, a signal converter is used to amplify the signal voltage, filter it (separate from noise) and convert it into signals for totalizing, recording and output processing.

Technical Data

Description and setting :

 - available outputs :  current output ( including HART®), pulse/frequency output , copied and displayed on the ALC deck.

- additionnal current, speed and conductivity output available with the Converter IFC 300 o in option and with the  Ex i Module upon request.

- Power supply :  12-24 V DC (9-31V) [4W]

- Power consumption : AC:8VA / DC:4W 



 - Large backlit graphical display with intuitive operation

- 2 internal totalizers with 8 characters max.

- white backlit LCD

- Setting of parameters from 2 pages

for measured values , 1 status message page , 1 graphical page ( measured values and representation  : settings to choose)




Installation recommendation

- Install the flowmeter preferably after the valve (on the vertical piping portion)

- Converter on the top for installation on horizontal pipings.




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