DomoDIP® : Small stainless steel lift station, made in France, for connecting private houses to collective sewing network or non collective sanitation.

Domestic waste water evacuation connecting to collective sanitation, when it is higher than the house, passes by mini-lift station. Instead of classical cumbersome smelly tank, with heavy maintenance and requiring regular cleaning, we suggest the DOMODIP® solution : a Direct in-Line pumping system without any tank, so no odor, no cleaning and easy maintenance.

The DomoDIP® systems are designed to be easily adapted to different types of installation with simplified commissioning, operating and  maintenance.

It is very easy to install a DomoDIP. Most of the time the installation is made either in basements or garages. Relying on the “Direct-in line pumping” concept, the DOMODIP is lifting gravity effluent directly from effluent downstream whithout water charging nor a collecting tank. The DomoDIP system is then odorless and does not require any cleaning. The electronic control unit is designed to automatically manage settings.

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  • Compact installation, DomoDIP® takes very little space.
  • Easy and convenient connection, electrical connection to a 16A power outlet.
  • Easy maintenance, no cleaning ( visual check is sufficient and a dry cloth to remove dust if necessary)
  • No odor
  • No storage nor tank to be burried, easy access
  • No clogging, no need of float switches, a flush is enough to make the DomoDIP® start, without consumming more energy than a classical pumping station.
  • Robust stainless steel equipment  (that accept detergents, hot water, wipes, etc…), pumped liquid temperature can be up to 60°C (140°F)
  • Silent system
  • No risk of overflow, DomoDIP® is fully waterproof
  • Industrial quality motor (IP67), with standard frame size and repairable. No plastic part.
  • 3-year warranty





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  • Squirrel-cage three-phase standard-compliant motor, 50Hz, Class F, IP67 as standard
  • Stainless steel hydraulics  EN1.4306 or 1.4404
  • Power : 1,5kW - Speed : 1450-2850 revs/min
  • Interior channel vortex impeller admitting significant gas/air volume
  • mini station de relevage
  • Protected from dry running
  • Motor shaft seal large capacity withour oil bath
  • Motor cooling via ribs and ventilator
  • Sealed level sensor, no maintenance or cleaning
  • Electronic control box without settings and protected against overvoltage.
  • Max. ambiant temperature : 40°C.
  • Pumped liquid temperature : up to 60°C
  • ready to be plugged in.
    3-year warranty.


Admittance body, expulsion :   STAINLESS STEEL 1.4306 or 1.4404
Coupling nuts/wheel :   STAINLESS 1.4105
Shell engine :   ALUMINIUM
Static sealing part : 
Sealing part :   Sic/Sic or W/Sic

Body and sensor's membrane



• Plugged into standard 16A socket

• Delivered with 2couplers for PVC Ø100
No floats or capacitor
• No storage or tank to be buried
• Accepts hot water up to 60°C, detergents, towelettes, etc.

• No start-up limitations
• Sealed, silent system which adapts to the incoming flow
• Industrial stainless steel construction (no plastics)
• Large flow cross-section and power reserve of up to 1800kW
• Odour-free
• No storage
• E
asy access.
• No cleaning


• Very compact and sealed box, very easy to install and use.
• Useful solution when space is limited
• Silent operation
• Energy efficient thanks to frequency variator.

• 2 operating levels
• Adjustable automatic reset
• Rotation direction reverse button


• Overintensity
• Overvoltages
• Undervoltages
• Earthing fault
• Impeller blockage
• Phase loss
• Phase direction
• Sensor fault
• Internal fault
• Auto-diagnostic
• Protected from dry running
• Earthing fault



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