Renovation or new lift station : “DIP systeme” adapts itself !


Within the framework of lift station creation, DIP systeme® allows to reduce considerably civil engineering cost. In case of lift station rehabilitation, DIP settles down and adapts itself to all existing lift station forms.It allows to increase flow capacities or discharge pressure became too weak, without engineering modifications.


The lift station becomes a technical secure room.

New equipment application :Waste water lift station and pumping stations


  • Waste water lift station.

  • Rainwater lift station.

  • Industrial lift station..

  • Water plants and processing plants

  • Stripping stations, resumption of filtrats

  • Flow regulation (ponds of thunderstorm, silos, stacker, etc.)




New lift station types :


Waste water lift station and pumping stations

Rehabilitation :


  • Lift station renovation in concrete or prefabricated by any shape

  • Existing lift station intensification flow, without workmodification

  • By pass equipment on thunderstorm tank

  • Existing work arrangement

  • Conversion in dry pit instead of immersed pit

  • Lift station converted in technical premise avoid new chamber with gate or glance of counting


Lift station renovation example :



Installation prescription :



  • The immediate state-of-the-art flow to be received and its corresponding total manometric height, determine the model of DIP Système™ to choose.

  • All lift station forms are available: round, square, rectangular, etc....


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