By lifting gravity effluent directly at the point of entry, without water loading nor a wet well , the DIP Systeme® overcomes the drawbacks of retained volumes of effluent:Waste water lift circulation

• Dangerous gases (H2S)
• Odors
• Sand and grease accumulation
• Equipment corrosion
• Structural erosion
• Clogged floaters
• Access safety

Continuous flow control avoid water hammers and facilitate downstream treatment. DIP systeme® makes it possible to design durable and economical pumping stations.


Reduction of building dimensions and simplification of civil engineering : DIP Système® allows to design lift stations in small spaces and so enables civil engineering costs to be significantly reduced . A single equipment size can respond to multiple cases with the same construction.

DIP Systeme® is suitable for the rehabilitation of existing lift stations and for new lift stations.

In means of back-up, it is the most safe and most economical way to by-pass an existing station.

Its maintenance is simple and easy, thanks to its  main sewerage sectioning valve fitted as standard for shutting off the waste water inlet and to the pieces standardization and the easy access to moving parts.


renewed thanks to dip systeme™
Example of renewed station with DIP systeme®
Waste water lift circulation
Example of new station



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