dip systeme™,  pompe eaux usées, pompe eaux pluviales


 DIP Système® allows durable and economic pumping plants. Neither stake load nor collection pit, DIP Système® avoids following inconveniences:

•Heap of fat, sands
•Equipment corrosion
•Level sensor fouling 
•Dangerous gases
• Unsecured access

 poste de relevage, poste préfa, poste préfabriqué


Sidinox: a new lift station concept, made from fully recyclable stainless steel.
Fully eco-designed, Sidinox is made of stainless steel and fully recyclable, non-oil based materials
Economical, ecological and robust, it is delivered ready to installand is straightforward and quick to connect.

mini station de relevage, relevage eaux usées domestiques, station de relevage domestique


In the lineage of the industrial DIP system, here is the system of in-line lifting for domestic house named DOMODIP™, specially studied for private individuals. It allows connecting domestic waste water evacuations to sanitation network (when this last one is higher than the house). No more cumbersome and malodorous tanks, which necessitate frequent cleanings as well as heavy maintenances.

pompe de relevage, PM, pompe

PM :

Electro single stage pump, particularly adapted to the pumping of waste water, clear liquid or very loaded with thick or airy and being able to contain fibres and gases.Simple and strong conception.

Multiple domains of application, here is some examples:

• Water-treatment plants, sanitation, municipalities...
• Slaughterhouses, waste, washing water
• Industrial waters, residual waters
• Sea water 
• Canning factories, sweets...
• Paper mills
• Building sites, mud of cleaning out, settled mud, rainwater …
• Sand with strengthened body: thickness up to 18 mm

  indicateur de débit, vide cave, armoire électrique


We also propose to you the other products such as, special hydraulic accessories, compressors, sensor)...



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