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23 nov 2016

It is the Jenkintown-Wyncote station in Pennsylvania, USA . Indeed after choosing the DomoDIP of DIP System to rehabilitate the Landsdowne station, SEPTA (Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority) carries on its rehabilitation works on several stations and did order this time a SIDINOX fitted with a DIP System DIP21 in order to rehabilitate the Jenkintown station.

14 nov 2016

It is a SIDINOX : a  READY TO INSTALL lift station concept. Equipped with a DIP system, made from stainless steel,  SIDINOX is guaranteed 25 year against corrosion and leakage. Fully equipped with safety devices , SIDINOX is now as well self-monitored as from it starts up thanks to the OmniDIP System.

7 nov 2016

Aquameter display unit : the aquameter dedicated to the DIP Systeme®, allows to measure instantaneous flow, cumulative pumped volume, temperature of the pumped fluid as well as its conductivity* .
Its best asset : it does not require inlet-oulet straight lengths and does not measure the air in the outlet . Inaccuracy : maximum of 1% as of 0,3m/s
(*optional board)

27 oct 2016


Internal directional check valve of the DIP Systeme® allowing the alternate or parallel operation of the 2 pumps of the DIP Systeme® . Solid stainless steel valve bearing the impacts of transported gravels and solid parts, as well as the abrasion of the sand reasonably contained in wastewater of the combined sewer networks.

25 oct 2016

It is the Canopée of Les Halles located in the heart of Paris, where is located the connected restaurant ZA where we installed in April 2016 two DomoDIP systems , particularly on the output of the grease tray, providing this way an hygienic and economical installation. (see as well our "Success Story")

20 oct 2016



This is the "Plage du Pilon" in St-Tropez on the « French Riviera », where is located the lift station that we did rehabilitate in 2012. Indeed this lift station used to have problems of cloggings and bad odors so they chose the DIP System to solve these and as well to increase the capacity of the lift station in the same time.
(see as well our "Success Story")

12 oct 2016 This the lift station located in the "Parc des Marais" of Versoyen in Bourg Saint Maurice in French Savoy, with which we were  finalist for the Trophées de la Construction 2015  (Building Trophies ) in the ‘Technical solutions, innovative materials and equipment’ categorie.
07 oct 2016 It is Granby in Canada, where is located the first "Canadian" DIP installed in 2012 at the Ultima Foods factory, a Canadian leader in the manufacturing and marketing of yogurt and the owner and manufacturer of the new brand iögo . (see as well our "Success Story")
05 Oct 2016 Drain valve integrated into the discharge of
the DIP Systems, allowing the air purge
and the pressure spot check.
30 Sept 2016 Ventilation grill of the motors of the DIP System.
 27 Sept 2016                  

Self-cleaning level sensor installed below
the DIP System body, allowing the instant static
and dynamic  ready of the upstream level (connected
to the frequency converters and to the embedded intelligence OmniDIP) , without floats nor any
moving parts in the "loaded" liquid.
22 Sept 2016 Safety anti-slip strip on the bottom
of the SIDINOX (prefabricated lift station
for wastewater, ready to install )
20 Sept 2016  Over dimensioned cooling ribs
of the new motors IP67 of the DIP Systems.
16 sept 2016 Stone trap of the DIP system
allowing the removal of heavy debris
from the main DIP System pump body
without disassembling pipes.

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