Innovation 2018 :

Gravity Line Accelerator !


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If you're having trouble due to insufficient slope, insufficient flow or inadequate pipes ... SIDE Industrie has the solution that can change EVERYTHING without replacing EVERYTHING ...
The DIP Sewage / Storm Water Booster !


1 - GRAVITY FLOW : The flow goes through the DIP BOOSTER as long as it does not fill up the pipe.
The motors are off, the ALC control pannel leaves them on stand-by and checks the level via the level sensor.
2- WATER LEVEL RISING : The gravity flow fills up the pipe and the DIP Booster's body. If the start-up level of the first motor unit is reached, it starts up slowly and accelerate the flow, the internal check valve is activated. The second motor unit starts up if the upstream pressure still increases. The motors stop when the upstream flow decreases down to gravity flow.  

Areas of application

- Pipes with insufficient slope
- Pipes undergoing periodic backups

- Accelerated in-line wastewater circulation - MORE VELOCITY
- for a gravity-fed line of ND 6'' to ND 40''



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