Hydraulic Body

Common hydraulic body is completely stainless steel boiler making “AISI 304L” (316L on inquiry). Body profile inhalation is specially studied to benefit of stream speed supplied by the gravitational arrival. Admittance body becomes pebbles trap.

hydraulic body

Internal surface body is very smooth, it improves the output and does not offer suspension materials keeping back zones.

The wide passage sections kept all along the route by the fluid, up to the internal directional butterfly valve.

The butterfly valve is integrated to the body, avoiding the collection piping between 2 pumps.

Three able positions for butterfly valve: right or left according to working pump, and central if both pumps sre working.They are built by a stainless skeleton and by replaceable patches of wear.

The common discharge DN80 to DN400 depending of the items, possesses a standardized flange and a manometric grip. An unique check valve must have risen directly on this flange to retain expulsion channeling volume (Swing check valve rubber).

Models are equipped with an auxiliary join DN100 typify “Guillemin”, behind the body to allow a free access to the upstream network in case of inspection.



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