A.L.C deck


DIP Système™ is delivered with its regulation desk ALC (Advanced Level Control) to rise in a customer configuration, as in complete cupboard. Each frequency converter is connected with its driving block and communicate each other.
Simplified speed variation and level control in the same deck, allow  all configuration regulation, including unit network difficulties.
ALC allow classical functions of an old lift station without supplementary

  • Automatic alternation
  • Emergency stop
  • Automatic help
  • Manual command
  • Automatic waterfall

It also brings a very high integrated protection level:

  • Overload, surges and sub-tensions;
  • Probe flaw
  • Internal flaw
  • Earth fault
  • Auto-diagnosis
  • Rotor blocking
  • Flaw newspaper
  • Miss phase
  • Emergency stop
  • Phase lack

Regulation of streams, even very variable

DIP Système™ adapts itself automatically to the entering flow, up to 2 driving blocks total of flow, from 0 to 200 % of the nominal flow. DIP size performances are superior from 2 to 4 times in flow in a traditional pumping covered.

Straightforward Human-Machine Dialogue


In face, a switch Automatic / 0 / Manual and the display of permanent 3 key information . detachable control panels serve as saving
Simplified display allows an easy use :
       Values display : speed, intensity, level measure, engine power, engine torque, meters.    
     Status readings for remote user surveillance.

Provide constant and regular flow

Installed at water-treatment plant head, DIP Système™ insure a permanent and regular flow. it avoid fluid arrival by "covered", fatal in the biomass used for the biological treatment. The system knows also how to manage exit maxi flow limitation .

 Elimination of valve knocks and reduction of water hammers

The DIP Système™ uses a starting up ramp and a deceleration ramp before each group pump stop.Ram knocks and valve knocks are eliliminated ,avoiding faucet factory and network damages.

Energy saving

No starting up number limit and energy savings can be realized in small flows : useful power unit is fitted to the discharge flow . 

Ready to communicate

If you wish to download the software tool NCDrive allowing the modification of the internal parameters and the maintenance for the development of variators, click here !



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